Jack Woods Ain't Got The Blues

.only memories of good times and knowing.card game stories with small pistols and holes in one.put up rambling strangers in the night.a meal and rest before they rambled off again.walking north on highway 5.to sweet melissa.or some other hobo town.at home the noisey girls.lots of laughs and traditions.big deals and boys sniffing around.get her home by eleven, you hear.drive safe and understand that I am a packing man.never bought our stories.although we didn't know.floated lakes and pulled fish.loaded his pipe and puffed away.tobacco lane.woke from death and saw his face.you alright son?a crack on his driveway.dizzy night of dehydration.poisons to kill the poison.dignity to the end.golf leads to frustration and vulgarity.Jack woods was an ace.Jack woods ain't got the blues.