Delivered By The Ghost

.speed that tape up.calm the nerves with october sounds.make the tunes fill the air.sorry thoughts and snubs.those young ones are work.the future visions seen through the dreamer's lens.it is all mapped out.the boundries are evident and public.these doubters and angry people are exhausted.this life is easy with fewer burdens.once salvation is assured.your mind convinced through the word.understanding delivered by the ghost.those hearts will beat either way.the mind will play its tricks.in the name of knowledge and intellect.all the brainers and complainers.fall through the clouds on gravity rides.come down my brothers.lift up my sisters.life is for living.for drawing pictures and humming tunes.for begging and forgetting and for laughing too.make the sad smile.love the lost.rely on nothing and expect anything.the next place is timeless.without rules.without a need for rules.goodness and concern prevail.the self helpers are extinct.looking out for last.diversity of thought.surrounded by truth.