Asian Telescope

.the sun was peeking through the clouds.like an asian telescope.the promise of mugginess and still.moods are tied to the moon.gravity having its way and trapping us for now.only the body and mind are prisoners.the soul can fly but waits for its time.escorting the bones through life.the only sane thing in nature.chaos and confusion reign.please please please keep your soul sharp.isolation will smother the growth.wild eyes and loose lips.living by feelings and desires.ignoring the truth ten thousand times.cursing the other ones and laughing.take your darling out and spin the bottle.drink the last drop and sleep.make peace with yourself and forgive others.show the criminals the way.know that you are a criminal too.and a fool.and a liar.and a scoundrel.among other things.only your soul is pure.or can be.only the truth can rescue.the light.the word.watch the clock.know that we are our own confiners.we lock the jail door.we sentence ourselves to misery.the judge has spoken.the cuffs are clicked.