Unresolved Lasagne Conflict

His aversion to meatless meals was known.
This aversion is unexplained and explanation is unimportant.
Perhaps there are deeper divisions.
It could be a proxy.
Her offering something knowing it will be rejected is a certain kind of agitation.
The rejection happened politely, despite the irritation.
Accomodations were made.
This unresolved lasagne conflict.
A meat pizza pie was ordered.
Or two, it was.
Quietly, so the little ones suspected nothing.
Then the insistence, and the truth is invoked.
Statistics and  personal testimonials.
Reminded of Guy Clark's homegrown tomatoes.
Of eggplant parmesan.
The tofu I've had.
Even now I crave that vegan italian dish.
But this was another's story.
And this happened in Connecticut.
His resistance to the insistence offended her.
Any preacher's folly.
This was punk rock, is what it was.
Stubborn and unrelenting, destructive to peace.
No meating halfway.
By either.
This was only the first night.
They found common ground eventually, both insisting to each other that The Don is the end of America.
Politics, bringing Mother In Laws and Son In Laws together since time began.
I dig The Don so I just kept quiet.