Executive Notes #4

The framing and agreements.
Accessing the stage.
Direct the movie or help it along.
The point of emphasis.
A missed opportunity.
The do-over theory fails again.
Something new.
Try it out.
Solve instead of blaming.
Think it through.
Multiple choices.
Don't pick two or three.
Just the one.
Agree to agree on the agreement.
To each thier own.
Clearly defined and true.
These writings are filed away.
Always, they will exist.

The left hand.  Drinks should be held in the left hand at parties.  This leaves the right hand open for high fives, knuckle pops, and shakes.  The scrips are fading, mind wires are newly rewired.  Distracted by the elements themselves, gotta slow and think and listen.  Disrupted by funny forces.  An active mind.  The blues are easy, self pity comes natural.  A waste of time.  This finite time.  Good for the goose, but what about the gander.  Skip a phase and question reality.  Find meaning in the known way.  It is reality.

Fear seekers.
When decisions are made.
When sleep is lost.
For another day.
Buzzing around.
Camera drones that flutter.
Like the mockingbirds.
One by one into the Pacific Sea.
This metal, light as styrofoam.
Lighter than tin.
Stronger than steel.
Wavering in the wind.
Researched and developed.
Tried and tried and tried.
Not fearing the future.
Learning from the past.


Celebration Toast

A wild party up there.
Dancing freely and loose.
Bopping back and forth.
Like a celebration toast.
Hollars and whoopies.
Arms and hands raised up.
Together they sway.
Hips moving it all around.
Popping music.
Breaks and thumps.
Then a cosmic slowdown.
Occupying the space.
Full pillars of musical smoke.
Playing all the way through.
Old and young under the same sun.
Facing the same future.
Nothing new.


Before The Thief Comes

Instincts and restraint.
Perception control.
Set in a square.
For all to see.

Bleeding all alone.
In our minds and hearts.
Unable to exist.

Blaming the winds.
The storms and tides.
Fearing the flood.
Of the century.

Begin healing now.
Before the night falls.
Before the thief comes.
In the light.


Unresolved Lasagne Conflict

His aversion to meatless meals was known.
This aversion is unexplained and explanation is unimportant.
Perhaps there are deeper divisions.
It could be a proxy.
Her offering something knowing it will be rejected is a certain kind of agitation.
The rejection happened politely, despite the irritation.
Accomodations were made.
This unresolved lasagne conflict.
A meat pizza pie was ordered.
Or two, it was.
Quietly, so the little ones suspected nothing.
Then the insistence, and the truth is invoked.
Statistics and  personal testimonials.
Reminded of Guy Clark's homegrown tomatoes.
Of eggplant parmesan.
The tofu I've had.
Even now I crave that vegan italian dish.
But this was another's story.
And this happened in Connecticut.
His resistance to the insistence offended her.
Any preacher's folly.
This was punk rock, is what it was.
Stubborn and unrelenting, destructive to peace.
No meating halfway.
By either.
This was only the first night.
They found common ground eventually, both insisting to each other that The Don is the end of America.
Politics, bringing Mother In Laws and Son In Laws together since time began.
I dig The Don so I just kept quiet.


The Eyes Have It

...the light is only getting dimmer.  the lost must sleep too.  restless and worried, we are all occupied.  the tricks and lies.  promises of splendor.  into the mush they roam, jumping on trains and planes. boots on the ground, like an old voice of yesterday.  the eyes have it.  they see it clear.  but they can be shut, they can be closed, for just a bit of gold.  the way it works, dedicating lives of service.  fighting hard for us, consequential decisions and leadership.  all greased, of course.  eases the friction.   smoothness and gliding hums.  the machine is not broke.  it is running as designed.  perfectly, in fact.  but, it is not our machine.  we are only providing the electricity, there is nothing in return.  what the machine produces goes out the back.  on to trucks.  in the middle of the night and on weekends.  it runs all the time.  generators full of gasoline stand by.  in case a fuse pops.  wires run under all the seas.  satellites above transmit constantly.  even now, everything is recorded.  ant drones, working for the queen.  machines like this must be sledgehammered.  even the microprocessors must be smashed.  every part of every part must be liquified.  with this melted molten a new structure can be cast.  with no moving parts, solid and inspiring.  no grease required, and without mechanical breakdowns.  wireless and connected.  peaceful and true.  the blues will wail.  the academics will mock.  the anchors will go bust.  for the people they say.  of the people we say...


Vegan Preacher


all I can do is follow the goose.
all I can say is it doesn't pay.

who would choose to play the blues.
who's gonna take my peace today.

clear your ears and listen here.
wave around and ride to town.

vegan preacher, a thin skinned creature.
eat what you found from the ground.


One Rung At A Time


Ladder it up.
Beliefs and differentiations.
Leaving good impressions.

One rung at a time.

Making impressions too.
Here's who I am.
Here's what I do.

One rung at a time.

The methods involved.
What if all the world really cared?
Proven success.

One rung at a time.

Examples all around.
Lets do business.
Unique and exclusive.

One rung at a time.

The value is real.
It clangs like money.
And all your dreams will come true.


Only One Beat Behind

the floods came, started early and washed the land.  unexpected for another 500 years.  floods like no one had ever seen.  the skies were hot.  beyond red and purple, we drove through the white.  bright bolts guiding our way, thunder only one beat behind.

nothing like the blind drive, though.  on the mountain highway, coming off the slick red cliffs, Tracy Chapman tunes and not feeling the road.  line driving at night, hypnotic snow show in the light beams ahead.  tight tight neck, muscles clenched down the back.  eyes useless looking forward, just line driving.

the flood stalled and kept flooding.  heavy water going.  these are lowlands to begin with.  down from the delta, where the ocean has found its way in, where swamps are always wet, where it's muddy.  a corvette spin, a rocking truckload, and double tow setup.  a few of the hazards.  escaped to the north, through Alexandria and on to Texas.  these roads must be lifted, put the houses on stilts.


Unwinked Winks

The fish of the day is delicious.
Sauteed with butter.
Lemon pepper is best.
Blackened only works if they know how it's done.......

Beers from bottles stuffed with limes.
Relationship models and sights.
The insincere are always near.
Scamming dollars and proud.......

Conversions and integrations.
More evolutions and gyrations.
Concrete cutting motivates.
The world waits for no one.......

We are only riders.
Suspended somehow.
Inertial forces unknown.
Unwinked winks of faith.......

Patrols continue through the day.
Profiling voices and features.
Knowing statistics and tendencies.
The crooks are easy to spot.......

But eyes are intentionally covered.
The bag is full of dough.
All of it is for sale.
We are owned.......


Mere Hours

Look further out, past the horizon.
Where the waves don't break.
Where the sea rocks back and forth.

Rise up ambitions, sink the past.
When time does its thing on the soul.
When days seem like mere hours.

Crash on the beach, white and wild.
How the old explorers arrived.
How they claimed it as their own.

Faith in the wind, it will come to pass.
Why sails were used to control it.
Why they determined their destination.



Karma Heads

.superstitious and karma heads.
.movements seen from a perch.
.the ball flew over the wall.
.blue tag is what you need.
.checked in at the ariel dunes.
.the first one.
.with welcome soaps and mats.

.one go round is all.

.red flag full out and flapping.
.beach, white and soft as always.
.waves made by deep sea storms.
.curling big and crashing.
.dove right through it.
.with a pain in the neck.

.the edge is so near.

.golfers hacking up the grass.
.a few are pure and true.
.dark clouds with lightening bolts.
.take a nap til afternoon.
.the butterfly stroke.
.more medals than anyone ever.
.this food is stale.
.get some flavor going.

.fried fried fried's been tried tried tried.

.no coasting on the emerald coast.
.finishing the season strong.
.with smiles and welcomes.
.dallas amigos.
.stopping in the big easy on the way back.
.jazzing it up, late and greezy.
.the senoritas watching out.
.preoccupations and frustrations.
.moments of life.


Appearance Fee

Last night I rode to the picture show.
Saw a picture bout what we know.
All night long, the wrath of Kahn.
Told us all bout whats gone wrong.

Shame on us, we lie and cuss.
Not one person that we all can trust.
Not no more, He opened the door.
Kick up your strut and hit the floor.

The brilliant class decided to pass.
Like it like it is with the kickbacks.
The people yawn, just move along.
Somebody else will fix what's wrong.

Think again, the robbers win.
Stashed the cash over in Iran.
Make a speech to the world's elite.
Bout how you earned this appearance fee.


Executive Notes #3

Gone are the days of worry.  The days of a perception game.  When the moves mattered and the slights were noted.  It is forward with open mind and willing soul.  Just as music is better as it evolves over time, each evolution taking from the others.  Music is the worst when it is sucked back into nostalgic rewind.  Classic rock is a sorry myth.  Move beyond comfort.  Ignore your instincts.  Determine your path.  This is where free will matters.  There is no salvation in it, of course, but there is liberation and joy.  Salvation is another matter and not a choice.  It was an act, historical and true.  For now, strive to serve, not to please.  Enjoy people and things and places.  Sporadic actions and random curiosities.  Settle library debts.  Don't go silently, seek to understand and determine.  There is scientific knowledge of great importance.  An unorthodoxed approach, initiating and agreeing to disagree.  No pawn of any system, nobody's efficient machine.  Complexities of the next stage.


Fortunes Will Change

Just give it all away.
That's all.
Be nice and don't hate.
Envy nothing or nobody.
Live and let live.
As they say.
Shun thievery and thuggery.
These are good things.

Regaldless of our inability to always implement these good things fully or without reservations.

If you can accept this, then you should.
Some are born.
Some are made.
Some choose.
Cold hearts are not intended.
Laws upon laws.
The young cannot be hindered.
They will go and be sought.
Just as He seeks the old.
Animosity is not permanent.
Renewal of all things.
On those twelve thrones.
Fortunes will change.


Your Beauty Remains

They are miracles.
Each day.
Everything involved.
For us to be.
Together to forever.

Life with a reason.
So others might know.
And if they knew love.
They might tell others.
So they might know.
It's all a good life needs.
Some words.

The closer we get.
The calmer we become.
Resting in light.
Your beauty remains.