Long Legged Dynamos

.those peanut gallaries are all staged.the makeup winos and long legged dynamos.the human is walking a sad road.incredible and inevitable.we will face the sword one day.or maybe night.never thought about that.will I even care.probably not.but.I think I wanna go in the morning.and I wanna be awake.don't wanna die in my sleep.taste it til the last.creamation or burial is the question.treat the bones with respect.they are of the earth.dirt.sea.air.but that is for later.this we always know.now we are not dead.we are older than ever and will never be this young again.this january night is nice.gulf winds already blowing the ice away.gonna be a light summer for bugs.froze those suckers good.



.the weirdos have spoken. .it seems clear. .but sounds completely odd. .this notion, this thought. .about love. .not self love. .that is too easy. .and not weird. .it will shock. .and awe. .motivations will be questioned. .no one is a natural. .not here anyway. .stop this right now. .you righteous warriors. .break the bank. .pour out the last of the wine. .plead to God. .cry out loudly. .scream from a deep place. .learn to love. .think about being loved. .a rare reality indeed. .star gazers. .black night celebrations. .hear us lie. .see us try. .only anticipation keeps us alive.


Squares Of The Square

.pipe down there. .keep it quiet. .out back. .thats where the talking is. .this is the glow room. .only music allowed. .not that popping rap. .please. .like groovy music. .you know the kind. .time toe tapping by. .honking horns and dings. .electric light orchestra. .that strange magic. .cant get it out of my head. .the muse days. .golden and needy. .awkward lunches and press room presses. .clearly, we chose correctly. .the filming is underway. .relationships have been established. .characters of character are rare. .they might not even exist. .our movements are predictable. .our moods sway rapidly. .disappointment and regret. .jostled out of bed. .we are alive and we are kicking. .only tighter and tighter. .lean down and touch the floor. .palms flat. .release the arms from the back. .just fall. .because there is fire. .and there is wind. .for all on earth. .a huge chess game is being played. .rooks and knights. .bishops and pawns. .the squares of the square.


Chow Line

Move over all you people in the chow line. This dinner ain't done. We had the leafy greens, we had the pasta too. The end is what's left. It is sweet. All these selections are confusing me. The tarts and the cakes. Ala mode, she asked. And I confirmed. Sugar, sugar, sugar, Shake, Shake, Shake....boogiewoogie with the back melodies. And the heat to follow. The grounds soaked and still hot. Black is all. It's all I need.


Martin Luther King Sr.

"Who was Martin Luther King Jr named after?" /Martin Luther./"No. Martin Luther King Jr was named after Martin Luther King Sr, who changed his, and his son's, name after being inspired by Martin Luther, the German Christian reformer, writer, and intellectual." /I never thought about that./"It's true."



.the look in her eyes was real. .good gosh she was beautiful. .her skin was light and smooth. .her lips were huge and red. .she knew I was no scoundrel. .she poured out her heart. .told long stories of this and that. .asking questions to know more. .listening closely and hoping. .the fix could be in alright. .candor could hornswoggle everyone.


The Soul Knows

The reasonableness of it all, constantly reinforced and encouraged. Conformity like a continental glacier, slow and undeniable. The passive nod and nod. Like necks on springs. Surrounded by some sort of intellectual understanding. The understanders are all around, shouting down the simple. You are too simple minded, they say. Mocking and superior. Please know this is only my observation, I can only see what I see, hear what I hear. Conclusions can only be drawn. Not assumed. Patriotic duties and true colors. The eyes will always decide. The more we try, the deeper we fall. Forever, we free fall with no end. Others will capture your heart. Many will disappoint. Only one will forgive. Only one is good. The pulse quickens, the soul knows. This is for creatures, with instincts, lusts, and appetites. This is for learning, from mistakes, missteps, and tragedies. All through the night she glowed. Preoccupied, but attentive. Curious and authentic.



.not many lights on in town.thought there would be more going on cause it was Saturday night.everybody tired from working.they don't have weekends out here.or weeks.just days and days.at the same expected pace.the sun went down forever it seemed.headlights far off.rifle shots echoing throughout the canyon.stayed low and relied on previous training.instincts better now than in my youth.made it to the stream and drank the cool water.made the crossing and kept moving.knowing daylight was short.protected from the harsh land by proper clothing.alert to cacti traps and two inch thorns.foot went numb for a moment when one stabbed my ankle.poison venom from the brush.headed back after surveying our position and moved quick.under the barbed wire we elbowed.up the steepest part if the ridge.back to base camp.then the guns.45s,38 specials,magnums,bushwackers,Russian pistols,metal piercing bullets,high velocity,and sighted in.old men worry about trespassing.but we're really just passing through.making a good life and spending days.those grudges are in the past.live forgiven and free.be a light in the town.


Complete Suburban Meltdown

Plastered walls and gummy vitamins.
Crown molding and family size tea bags.
Decorator bills and frozen waffles.
Ceiling fans and diet drinks.
Door knockers and full fruit bowls.
Leather frames and homemade pasta.
Patio furniture and cherry tomatoes.
Dim lit corners and freezer burn.
Mexican tiles and mexican beers.
Massive mirrors and granola bars.
Broken clocks and jelly jars.
Atrium chandeliers and rye breads.
Modern shower heads and cracker boxes.
A complete suburban meltdown.


Hysterical Sanity

.buffed and shined.
.shredder day.
.hook the wires.
.check the signals.
.tucked in a corner.
.the laboratory.
.ask and listen.
.the future of sight.
.make permanent.
.lift your eyes.
.this world is ludicrous.
.its improbable happening.
.set just right.
.tipped for the seasons.
.spinning for the days.
.speeding for the years.
.all together.
.only gravity to blame.
.laugh out loud.
.holler and hoot.
.hysterical sanity.



Password Queens

...a dirty day.one for the weary and ashamed.we are only traveling.common instincts and pride.loud noises from far away.blaring constantly.hooked into the live wire.live action all around.password queens.perfect smiles and empty eyes.muttering of nonsense.appetites on display.plated food and glowing drinks.a word does not exist to describe the disgust.it is velcro to the mind.it must be torn off.ripped quick.shields and swords.we have been lulled.we are coasting downhill.the top has been crested.the speed of this wagon is increasing drastically.it cannot stop.it cannot be stopped.the crash will come.many can be saved.many can be delivered from the burden.from the worries.from the stresses of life.nothing will change.only your reaction to the action.little children, you are from god and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.1john4:4...


Stay Close

.far be it 
.from me 
.to think back 
.and wonder 
.about this 
.or that 
.or the other thing 
.those moments 
.when the future 
.is on the line 
.our weakness 
.still there 
.our knowledge 
.of immortality 
.increasing always 
.no one gets 
.stains of life 
.memories all 
.and now 
.the markers are marked 
.the twilight is near 
.more happy days 
.to come 
.despite the blues 
.more joy 
.more than you could even consider 
.stay close 
.do not wander far 
.cast away deceit 
.live in the light 
.this is impossible 
.without help 

False Science

.only the truth matters. 
.not that it's told. 
.that it does exist. 
.the unanswerable questions. 
.do have answers. 
.they remain unknowable. 
.this we know. 
.true science is true. 
.the collection of facts. 
.false science can be true. 
.assuming assumptions. 
.corrupted by desires. 
.the unknowable known. 
.juvenile minds are slaves. 
.to expectations of others. 


Space In Space

.we have reached the stars. 
.we are among them. 

.we have danced the last dance. 
.twirled and twirled. 

.smell of the mountains. 
.wet and fresh. 

.sand in our hair and on our feet. 
.hours of leisure. 

.memories to burn baby. 
.scenes flash in my mind. 

.we will illuminate the night. 
.with words and truths. 

.we will shout and stomp. 
.four four time. 

.check up on that harmonica player. 
.throughout the entire song. 

.we've never been in this space in space. 
.no one has.