Final Volt

.hold on tight.
.assurance guarantee.
.lit up like a video game.
.sputtered in on the final volt.
.haywire and screeches.

.cars parted like the Red Sea.
.traffic lights coordinated.
.some cash in the bank.
.recollections and native stories.
.a bulldog pen.
.it was a very Goodyear.

.waiting room zen.
.timid eyes.
.wired up early and tapping.
.take one...for free.
.the 2014 line up is the best ever.
.driver eight.
.passenger side.
.L.A. woman.
.and on and on.

.time is always the same.
.ficticious minutes and hours mere dividers.
.only for our convenience.
.like verses in the Book.
.added later.


Eternity With A Smile

.all we ever wanted was love.
.acceptance and understanding.
.affection and protection.

.the winds are harsh on the trails.
.faces of the mountains frowning.
.season after season.

.blind eyes and deaf ears.
.the devil can't touch us.
.his horns or his fangs.

.take it on the chin.
.flaunt your victory.
.face eternity with a smile.


Ghost Of The Grievous Angel

.duck out with eyes in the back of your head.they gonna getcha.the ones that slither along.the ones that look away.consumed with self importance, self happiness, and self love.make sure to look out for number one.self survival like the darwinists.achievement and success.stacked on a pile of bones.built on flimsy foundations.ringing that bell, high on that ladder.someone's gotta be on top.lead the charge, ask the tough questions.polished up and perfect reflections.dignified and mannerly.international submarine band.ghost of a grievous angel.crosses and weed.country and rock.hippie and redneck.scholar and bum.gentleman and dog.Emma Lou didn't mind.nothing else to do, nothing else to sing, nothing else to write.self absorbed instincts fading away.


Full Dose

.gather up all the serum makers. .dig up the cacti of the west and shoot it up. .the viruses are all punks. .bodily fluids and air borne bastards. .hazmat suits are no match. .a vial is what we need. .a full dose. .the panic will end. .we'll venture out with confidence. .cactus juice, man. .that's the good serum.


At The Rio Blanco

Long bow, too slow, at the Rio Blanco.
Like I said, lead head, got fed, instead.

Greens upon greens, upon greens.
Loaded plants and vines.
My mind, oh my mind, oh my mind.

What's real, how I feel, how I steal, it's my deal.
What's a clock, why not, match the pot, take a shot.

Watch it rain, came up lame, took the pain, insane.
Up a creek, keep the beat, soak your feet, take the streets.

Get loud, lose the crowd, do it now, do it now.
Long bow, too slow, at the Rio Blanco.



Chicken Wire

     The courts were brand new.  Possibly, we were the first to ever play on them.  We were bringing high level tennis to Spur, Texas.  Now they had the facilities.  Chicken wire was needed between the bottom of the fence and the court to prevent balls from rolling under, windscreens are mandatory in the west texas wind, and locking the side gate serves no purpose.  Also, the lights seemed insufficient for reasonable night play and the absence of a backboard was noted.  Still, despite these needed adjustments, the two electric blue on forest green courts was the nicest, and newest, construction project in town.  Somehow it put Spur in another category.  Keck and I had played on the old courts the previous two years during the annual tx.ou weekend gathering at Rio Blanco canyon.  They were older than old, neglected and sad.  Not played on for a decade, not stepped on for years, we took to them for 10 game mahuts.  That first year, I took Keck down 6-4, mainly due to an unstoppable inside out serve on the backhand side.  The drooping 2 and a half foot net only assured my victory that day.  Chunks of court would fly, we slid like we were on clay, shattered glass was all over, cracks plagued the courts badly.   Keck mauled me 8-2 the following year.  Vindication is one if his defining traits.  We showed up on the new courts excited and prepared after seeing them the day before on the way to the canyon.

    The turnstile was cleaned up and replaced to its original spot, the nets were brand new, the lines were perfect, thick and white.  The ball left incredible marks, the west texas red dirt providing perfect frames.  Like having laser beam technology.  I was obsessed with it, and impressed with a few of the calls that were made and validated by the marks.  Calling lines is like seeing visions.  Integrity and honor are required.  Tennis is a civilized game, dependent on the competitiveness and effort of each player.  After winning a few early games, Keck took control and won 7-3.  His forehand winners were deep and dove sharply inside the baseline, his swift feet were active, he kept the pressure on.  He became quickly disgusted at any error, he cussed missed first serves.  It was good to play fairly well.  4-6 was realistic and I had held out hope for 5-5 til he fought me off from love-30 in the 8th game to prevent a break.  As in years before, a small crowd watched from the porches and car ports that surrounded the area.  We recognized some of them from the years before.  They seemed proud to see us back, to see what they had built.  We hustled for drop shots, we screamed out in frustration, we moved from side to side.  We owed them our best.

     Preparations continue for King Of The Court 4.  A lot has happened.  Keck has met personally with Billie Jean King.  He has told her of the King Of The Court Tournament.  She was very impressed and, predictably, inquired about the girls.  The Queen Of The Court has already been discussed.  The format is the same with a Queen winner, a Princess, A Baroness, and a Countess.  We just lack the woman players, for now.  He also briefly met Andy Roddick.  All this happened in Austin at a convention of some sort.  Of course, keck was there with his wife on an unrelated matter.  The names are bigger than ever--Jeremy Strong, JD Miles, King The Todd, King James.  Mir is back.  Joe Vita, Leo Escario, Mardy Feldman too!  Frank Friday returns.  He and Leo have never missed being in the Royal Court.  Frank, first as Prince, then capturing the Earl in the summer.  Leo, going Prince, Earl, Duke in KOtC 1, 2,3 respectively.  Bobby Peirson is in again and Nielson returns after missing KOtC 3.  Another kid is playing after the previous kid went off to Shriner College to play for their tennis team.  He a student of Justin Quest and Jeremy Strong and the number one player on the Allen high team.  He could win the whole thing!  There are others.  Keck seems to be angling for the Duke, but will likely get in the Prince afternoon round.  My hope is to appear, healthy and loose.  Rugged preparations have given way to swimming routines and light drills.  One 20 game Mahut a week is all.  My roddick in KOtC 3 was humbling.  Watching from the fence line is not for me.  A tennis revival is  taking place.  The tennis channel has arrived.  In Spur and everywhere.


Peace Pie

.the thinking required is unimaginable.the way the stars are scattered.looking up is an opportunity.to open your mind.the other side of the world is there as well.they are as significant as us.don't count me among you.the revolution will continue.but first a shot in the dark.drink some tea and shut up.wonder silently so the noises can be heard.all the peaceful people have come and gone.it is just talked about like a constant state of hope.distractions can only make us weaker.forever is beyond time.that is true.but it starts somewhere.from here on out.not as its always been.hot apple peace pie.just pie.nothing else could break through.provisions are stocked.the whisky bottles are all over.the buckets of food and canned goods.nothing will spoil here.packed in ice and sealed.those refs were on the take.its obvious the baptists paid them off.interference is a two way street buddy.except when the fix is in.



Outspiration.  Victim of this world.
Outspiration.  Set the bar just high enough.
Outspiration.  Think of yourself first.
Outspiration.  Credit where it is not due.
Outspiration.  Undone and unaccomplished.
Outspiration.  Nothing is next.
Outspiration.  Let's get this straight.
Outspiration.  Conformity defined.
Outspiration.  Suburb mentality.
Outspiration.  Live for yesterday.
Outspiration.  Self absorption.
Outspiration.  Dead is dead.
Outspiration.  Dirty windows.
Outspiration.  Words of caution.
Outspiration.  Run out the clock.
Outspiration.  Sulking on the sidelines.
Outspiration.  No salt or pepper.
Outspiration.  105 degrees.
Outspiration.  Memos of declaration.
Outspiration.  Political parties.
Outspiration.  The good ole days.
Outspiration.  Chain of command.
Outspiration.  The inner circle.
Outspiration.  Pitiful faces.
Outspiration.  The speed limit.
Outspiration.  Morality judges.
Outspiration.  Saved by works.