.not many lights on in town.thought there would be more going on cause it was Saturday night.everybody tired from working.they don't have weekends out here.or weeks.just days and days.at the same expected pace.the sun went down forever it seemed.headlights far off.rifle shots echoing throughout the canyon.stayed low and relied on previous training.instincts better now than in my youth.made it to the stream and drank the cool water.made the crossing and kept moving.knowing daylight was short.protected from the harsh land by proper clothing.alert to cacti traps and two inch thorns.foot went numb for a moment when one stabbed my ankle.poison venom from the brush.headed back after surveying our position and moved quick.under the barbed wire we elbowed.up the steepest part if the ridge.back to base camp.then the guns.45s,38 specials,magnums,bushwackers,Russian pistols,metal piercing bullets,high velocity,and sighted in.old men worry about trespassing.but we're really just passing through.making a good life and spending days.those grudges are in the past.live forgiven and free.be a light in the town.