The Knowers

.a self imposed exile.desertion and neglect.the taste of death will be sweet always.it will mean time is done.the eternal soul does not consider time and our bodies will not age.pain will be extinct.our words will live too.it is written.now, the cloud captures it all.covers the globe.word, word, word to yer mutha.pity the fools, but stop there.the fools of this world are the wise.the knowers.its the word man.


Performance Wall

.gather round you people. .on the performance wall. .gonna start you with some disco. .then with the blues I'll make you crawl. .the swayers are swaying in the corner. .the poppers been popping all night. .the drunks are laid out in the drunken din. .and the cops busted up a fight. .think we oughta play some jazz. .think we oughta play some rock. .think we oughta play some lover music. .wanna see her move like that. (Big drums and jungle strings and backup singers)


Shot The Bird

.at some level a point must be made.understanding in the mind of the child needs cementing.sternness can be rough.and loud.but we have to get through.signals can be crossed and manipulation works.those little twits just shot the bird.photographic evidence.of course you are sorry.that is the truth.we are all sorry.but we have to live.respect must be shown and given.and taught.my own grudges are of no consequence.this is important and you will know.self control is an elusive skill.it can be learned.its in the breathing and thinking.calculate the digits.your time will come.be mad and sad and betrayed.be blue and shocked and unforgiving.at the the center of the universe is God.not you.



...we are a glowtribe... ...we shine, shine, shine... ...minimalist and decadent alike... ...the officers are waiting... ...the mayor has declared... ...the ribbon is cut in two... ...the opening will be grand... ...and the evening lights... ...attire and leather shirts too... ...yes, this glowtribe will proclaim... ...we will splatter and shout... ...bitterness lost on the live wire...

Delivered By The Ghost

.speed that tape up.calm the nerves with october sounds.make the tunes fill the air.sorry thoughts and snubs.those young ones are work.the future visions seen through the dreamer's lens.it is all mapped out.the boundries are evident and public.these doubters and angry people are exhausted.this life is easy with fewer burdens.once salvation is assured.your mind convinced through the word.understanding delivered by the ghost.those hearts will beat either way.the mind will play its tricks.in the name of knowledge and intellect.all the brainers and complainers.fall through the clouds on gravity rides.come down my brothers.lift up my sisters.life is for living.for drawing pictures and humming tunes.for begging and forgetting and for laughing too.make the sad smile.love the lost.rely on nothing and expect anything.the next place is timeless.without rules.without a need for rules.goodness and concern prevail.the self helpers are extinct.looking out for last.diversity of thought.surrounded by truth.


Eyelids Get Heavy

.cheating the rap.letting your lyrics become common and void.develop your voice.formulate the words in your mind.cannot he drug down.will not be overwhelmed.the people with hearts know.we are meant for evolution.but there is no end.creation is history.refinements and polish.everybody wants their pills.everybody wants security of some sort.they will bathe in it.they will cover the earth with it.laser beams and shields don't work.reality with virtual minds.the results are predictable.the outcomes are assured.but move forward regardless of the perils.we avoid caution and seek reckless pleasure.eyelids get heavy after the eye witness news.on the scene.talked to the store owner and the robbers were shot on site.one commonality in all the unhappiness and brokenness and regrets.but it ain't me.naw naw naw.it ain't me babe.that you're looking for.


Acquired Taste

.she got rid of the treetop lover.those eyes don't lie.an acquired taste my brother once said.that is right.


History Dust

.collection time.all the people there are older.all the people there are colder.wanna be one that don't get slower.but I want time to slow down.which is ludicrous.which is a prediction.we gather in the front room and clear a space.this moment of time.engage the senses.each one gets attention.hear a tune.taste the wine.watch the curves.feel the skin.smell the human scents.collecting history dust.


Pineapple People

.these sideways nights.went through the set list three times.the electric is most versatile.graveyard sounds and slide moans.chalk it up to the blues.again inspiring wailing and bends.thinking about shouting a couple of songs.these art people might not understand.worries of self esteem and feelings.good gosh will ya shut up.I'm not asking.the literal March in Erwin park.imagine the scene.tents and toilets all over.bikers and booby traps.that gasoline line is great.the punk said so.don't wallow too long.the thinkers and radicals could get together.persuasion is easy.the pineapple people.


Despite The Years

.a sleepless night.no rest to go around.only independent minded.like a slur.thinkers and visionaries step to the side.the work needs to get done.courageous or nothing.go happy and go lucky.whistle an afternoon tune.let her finish her sentences.look her in the eyes.hear the water rings.long ago the decisions were made.long ago we made our pledge.despite the dust, despite the tears, despite the peeves, despite the years.it is an easy plan.the ride made smooth by concrete and steel.



.systematically driving through one town after another.Vera, where the nets are still up.Olney, with the one arm dove shot.the rural life is a slow life.full of planning meals and work.we walked half the lake til we got to the quicksand.the lost girls.chairs from the mid seventies and screens.prices from the 60s for a day.point to the north, the south, the east, and the west.proven to be restless and abandoned.yardsales and soda machines.


Taste The Dusk

.moan for the lawful.they are old testament fools.they seek an unattainable perfection.for perfection is the only standard.run to the merciful.run to the graceful.let the night be easy.call upon the floaters.send smoke in the air.rings and rings.make the other half try.slip and slide and smell the dawn.huff and puff and taste the dusk.


Jack Woods Ain't Got The Blues

.only memories of good times and knowing.card game stories with small pistols and holes in one.put up rambling strangers in the night.a meal and rest before they rambled off again.walking north on highway 5.to sweet melissa.or some other hobo town.at home the noisey girls.lots of laughs and traditions.big deals and boys sniffing around.get her home by eleven, you hear.drive safe and understand that I am a packing man.never bought our stories.although we didn't know.floated lakes and pulled fish.loaded his pipe and puffed away.tobacco lane.woke from death and saw his face.you alright son?a crack on his driveway.dizzy night of dehydration.poisons to kill the poison.dignity to the end.golf leads to frustration and vulgarity.Jack woods was an ace.Jack woods ain't got the blues.


Asian Telescope

.the sun was peeking through the clouds.like an asian telescope.the promise of mugginess and still.moods are tied to the moon.gravity having its way and trapping us for now.only the body and mind are prisoners.the soul can fly but waits for its time.escorting the bones through life.the only sane thing in nature.chaos and confusion reign.please please please keep your soul sharp.isolation will smother the growth.wild eyes and loose lips.living by feelings and desires.ignoring the truth ten thousand times.cursing the other ones and laughing.take your darling out and spin the bottle.drink the last drop and sleep.make peace with yourself and forgive others.show the criminals the way.know that you are a criminal too.and a fool.and a liar.and a scoundrel.among other things.only your soul is pure.or can be.only the truth can rescue.the light.the word.watch the clock.know that we are our own confiners.we lock the jail door.we sentence ourselves to misery.the judge has spoken.the cuffs are clicked.