Karma Heads

.superstitious and karma heads.
.movements seen from a perch.
.the ball flew over the wall.
.blue tag is what you need.
.checked in at the ariel dunes.
.the first one.
.with welcome soaps and mats.

.one go round is all.

.red flag full out and flapping.
.beach, white and soft as always.
.waves made by deep sea storms.
.curling big and crashing.
.dove right through it.
.with a pain in the neck.

.the edge is so near.

.golfers hacking up the grass.
.a few are pure and true.
.dark clouds with lightening bolts.
.take a nap til afternoon.
.the butterfly stroke.
.more medals than anyone ever.
.this food is stale.
.get some flavor going.

.fried fried fried's been tried tried tried.

.no coasting on the emerald coast.
.finishing the season strong.
.with smiles and welcomes.
.dallas amigos.
.stopping in the big easy on the way back.
.jazzing it up, late and greezy.
.the senoritas watching out.
.preoccupations and frustrations.
.moments of life.