Executive Notes #4

The framing and agreements.
Accessing the stage.
Direct the movie or help it along.
The point of emphasis.
A missed opportunity.
The do-over theory fails again.
Something new.
Try it out.
Solve instead of blaming.
Think it through.
Multiple choices.
Don't pick two or three.
Just the one.
Agree to agree on the agreement.
To each thier own.
Clearly defined and true.
These writings are filed away.
Always, they will exist.

The left hand.  Drinks should be held in the left hand at parties.  This leaves the right hand open for high fives, knuckle pops, and shakes.  The scrips are fading, mind wires are newly rewired.  Distracted by the elements themselves, gotta slow and think and listen.  Disrupted by funny forces.  An active mind.  The blues are easy, self pity comes natural.  A waste of time.  This finite time.  Good for the goose, but what about the gander.  Skip a phase and question reality.  Find meaning in the known way.  It is reality.

Fear seekers.
When decisions are made.
When sleep is lost.
For another day.
Buzzing around.
Camera drones that flutter.
Like the mockingbirds.
One by one into the Pacific Sea.
This metal, light as styrofoam.
Lighter than tin.
Stronger than steel.
Wavering in the wind.
Researched and developed.
Tried and tried and tried.
Not fearing the future.
Learning from the past.