Liquor Store Jesus


.outside of Haskell, near the Knox county line.
.tank was getting empty, had a worried mind.
.neon sign in the distance, my faith was restored.
.thank you lord Jesus, for that liquor store.

.pump was old and rusty, all the levers were shot.
.had to pay up inside before you could pump a drop.
.got some jerky and some seeds, helps me drive through the night.
.as I walked out the door, I saw a beautiful sight.


liquor store Jesus.
taped on the door.
liquor store Jesus.
saved me once more.

.getting my gas after I paid, a woman stood near the other pump.
.had long tan legs, and curves, and a perfect, heart shaped rump.
.made contact with her baby blues, blue as the ocean waves.
.oh Jesus help me once again, you know exactly what I crave.

.forgot to get a lighter forgot the case of Mexican beer..
.locked up my el camino, get it while I'm here.
.in line behind a man with his nightly u light.
.been plowing earth all day long, drinks with Jesus at night.

.then appeared through the door the woman from before.
.came back to buy some cigarettes and cool off in the store.
.she asked me for a light, I eagerly complied.
.took out my new purchased lighter and lit her up just right.

.she offered me a smile, she took me by the hand a squeezed it tight.
.'thank you mister' is what she said, 'I'm all alone tonight.'
.didn't believe what I was hearing, didn't know what to do.
.saw liquor store Jesus, then I knew.