Weird is a weird, weird word.  Not only the odd e before the i, but it's strange sound too.  Say it five times fast.  Weird, weird, weird, weird, weird.  The forth d can hardly get out and the fifth almost faints to nothing.  Austin, Texas claims the description, which is weird in, and of, itself.  Keep Austin weird we read on shirts, home pages, and commercials.  Which is not weird.  That a city would have a slogan.  Unique by Nature has been all over McKinney water towers and trash cans for years.  And it is true.  'Keep' seems too nostalgic, like the good ole days rut. 'Keep Austin', but the city name is rarely part of the slogan.  This is weird.  The big apple.  Big D, right here inTexas.  L. A., the city of angels, but that's more of a translation.  'Keep Austin Weird'.  I am for it.  Yes.  Almost like a protest.  Like the weirdness is evaporating.  A reminder to act especially weird in Austin.  Which is completely lame.  But that is off topic, this is not about city slogans, or catch phrases, or translations.  Reading between the lines is fruitless.  The word itself.  Weird.  It's meaning, it's definition, it's synonyms.  It is called, proclaimed, labeled, applied, and evoked.  To describe something different, out of the ordinary, another beat on another drum.  Weirdly, the word can end a conversation quickly.  Weird.