Peace Pie

.the thinking required is unimaginable.the way the stars are scattered.looking up is an opportunity.to open your mind.the other side of the world is there as well.they are as significant as us.don't count me among you.the revolution will continue.but first a shot in the dark.drink some tea and shut up.wonder silently so the noises can be heard.all the peaceful people have come and gone.it is just talked about like a constant state of hope.distractions can only make us weaker.forever is beyond time.that is true.but it starts somewhere.from here on out.not as its always been.hot apple peace pie.just pie.nothing else could break through.provisions are stocked.the whisky bottles are all over.the buckets of food and canned goods.nothing will spoil here.packed in ice and sealed.those refs were on the take.its obvious the baptists paid them off.interference is a two way street buddy.except when the fix is in.