Final Volt

.hold on tight.
.assurance guarantee.
.lit up like a video game.
.sputtered in on the final volt.
.haywire and screeches.

.cars parted like the Red Sea.
.traffic lights coordinated.
.some cash in the bank.
.recollections and native stories.
.a bulldog pen.
.it was a very Goodyear.

.waiting room zen.
.timid eyes.
.wired up early and tapping.
.take one...for free.
.the 2014 line up is the best ever.
.driver eight.
.passenger side.
.L.A. woman.
.and on and on.

.time is always the same.
.ficticious minutes and hours mere dividers.
.only for our convenience.
.like verses in the Book.
.added later.