Sink The Boats

Can't help but think about, can't help but think about tomorrow.
She whispered in my ear, honey let's get outta here, come follow.
Told her baby I ain't down, as good as it sounds, I'm going home.

Lord I just wanna think about, just wanna think about forever.
Live in love all day long, fill the nights with lover songs, come here come here.
Sink the boats and clip the wings, dogs don't growl birds don't sing, my dear my dear.

Take it down my love.....take it down.
Lay it down my love.....lay it down.

Take the time to talk about, talk until we talk it out, listen here, listen here.
Wanna get your side too, wanna hear what I can do, please make it clear.
Thought I was found but I was lost, made my point at any cost, for no reason.