The Soul Knows

The reasonableness of it all, constantly reinforced and encouraged. Conformity like a continental glacier, slow and undeniable. The passive nod and nod. Like necks on springs. Surrounded by some sort of intellectual understanding. The understanders are all around, shouting down the simple. You are too simple minded, they say. Mocking and superior. Please know this is only my observation, I can only see what I see, hear what I hear. Conclusions can only be drawn. Not assumed. Patriotic duties and true colors. The eyes will always decide. The more we try, the deeper we fall. Forever, we free fall with no end. Others will capture your heart. Many will disappoint. Only one will forgive. Only one is good. The pulse quickens, the soul knows. This is for creatures, with instincts, lusts, and appetites. This is for learning, from mistakes, missteps, and tragedies. All through the night she glowed. Preoccupied, but attentive. Curious and authentic.