Squares Of The Square

.pipe down there. .keep it quiet. .out back. .thats where the talking is. .this is the glow room. .only music allowed. .not that popping rap. .please. .like groovy music. .you know the kind. .time toe tapping by. .honking horns and dings. .electric light orchestra. .that strange magic. .cant get it out of my head. .the muse days. .golden and needy. .awkward lunches and press room presses. .clearly, we chose correctly. .the filming is underway. .relationships have been established. .characters of character are rare. .they might not even exist. .our movements are predictable. .our moods sway rapidly. .disappointment and regret. .jostled out of bed. .we are alive and we are kicking. .only tighter and tighter. .lean down and touch the floor. .palms flat. .release the arms from the back. .just fall. .because there is fire. .and there is wind. .for all on earth. .a huge chess game is being played. .rooks and knights. .bishops and pawns. .the squares of the square.