Like That Stones Country Song

...the candle has flickered out.only smoke still rises.warm wax settled back.those mansions on the hills seem hopeless.full of emptiness and brawlers.bring back the hello times.make room for the fleeting.only the restless still cry.only the wishful have heartache.breaking every day.the loud and the lonely.got that something in the eyes.far away.like that stones country song.driving home early sunday morning through bakersfield.listening to gospel music on the colored radio station.sound waves redirected.baptized in the names.cleaner of souls through this dirty life.some can't take the grime.some see it for what it is.some lather up in the mud.these separate lives.each with a shot.to inspire.the saving has been done.no time for that.weeks of desire.months of rain.years of seasons.glow in the night.glow like the prophets.the lighter is near.


This Empty Suit Room

...this empty suit room.full of itself.full of gamers and hypocrites.full of tyrants and theives.kicking the people.tricking the people.sticking it to the people.flags on the lapels.hairspray odor and grease stains.and the talkers tell us all about it.the public folks.the national jokes.the full of smokes.only the crazy can save us.the outlandish.the strange and weird.he said he was God.that great teacher said he was God.and he was.it has been proven.the word confirms.the truth and the light.that is glowface.but that is off topic.back to the scammers and schemers.we heard.we heard.but your words were empty.like your suit.integrity is lost.play the fiddle.Joe had a cotton eye.Jim was slim.Jack was a maniac.John pulled the con.no time for history to decide.taking us on a joy ride.we got thermals for the cold.we got misters for the heat.


The Rust And The Rain

.the rust and the rain.corrosion of iron.drinks of life.the desert regions are alive with survivors.floods tore out the bridges.the mountains must be climbed.reach up closer to the stars.they are static.they chart our movements.lock up the psycos.let the crazy go free.act without rational consideration.listen to your guide.ignore your thoughts.they wander unreliability.they are connected to all the senses.recognize the thirst and remain still.banish the clocks.remain alive and notice.communicate with eyes.listening by seeing.if you can see.actions do speak louder than words.


Passing Twenties

.just a mule I am.put on that heavy pack and keep walking.waking too.one day it'll all end.time waits for no one.it ain't gonna wait for me.no one else is gonna get on the ladder.no one else is gonna drive that tollway road.keep muling it man.passing twenties around like a deck of cards.that one eyed jack is the snake.queens sit and wait for the lower classes to fold.this is the mating season.all my mates done gone away.cooking for the following day.pack a lunch and grease the axles.drive with the windows down and the sunroof open.let the wind whip your hair and cool your sweat.catch up on the tragedies and try to pray constantly.fire off a message or two.give accolades and high fives.a sober season of beatness.an unsettling within and reliance on truth.an awful demeanor and manufactured smiles.grown men know.used up and cornered.made a fool and trampled.an accepted role of crazed protector.an embraced role really.the stare and the silence.the telling.not asking.awkwardness is fine with me.


Automatic Telephones

.get rid of my ridicule.beyond encouragement.an empty figure with quitters all around.the middle way can put on the squeeze.never too high.the lows, quick and severe.automatic telephones and recorders.the meat eaters left hours ago.looking for an edge.seeking challenges and tests.measuring up and marching in time.drummers man, drummers.that's where the shake happens.popping elbows and knees.you gotta catch her coming down.at least help her up.grudges upon grudges.judges upon judges.one day a word will be made up to describe it all.but that is far off.


Suburbans Everywhere

.suburbans everywhere, with sirens and flashing blue and red lights.brand new suburbans, perfect and waxed.civic pride and logos.juristictions and law.k9 units and radars.drones in the sky and hackers on staff.tapped into the worldwide protectors.unionized and revered.always American cars.cut cost and improve the performance of the fleet by going Japanese.better than the Germans even.its been proven and the anecdotal evidence is validating.made in the USA did us more harm than good.like entitled brats.nothing patriotic about blind nationalism.4 suburbans with one officer in each one.maybe for the SWAT team, but not traffic duty.the efficiency of motorcycles.call Harley Davidson.



.that's a paper honey....you mean they used to print the news on paper?....yep, billions and billions of trees I estimate over the years....oh my God, trees were killed to produce paper?....it was worth it, think of the value of books....what's a book?....look it up. call your friend and tell her the plan....already told her.....you talked to her?.....no, but I told her.....you can't tell anybody anything without talking to them.....I texted her.....then say informed to be correct.....you don't know what your talking about.....at least I'm talking......keep talking dad.


Sing Like A Gypsy

She told me she was tired. I believed her. Work came naturally and the instinct to do as much as possible was possessed. These woers and whiners should look within. He is there and that's all that you need to know. Get to know him and understand the facts. Of course, everyone's tired. As they should be. Grateful for being healthy enough to be tired. Happily tired, humbly tired. Replenished by morning. Get on them knees and pray girl. Thank him for the headaches and heartaches. Blame him too. These are the moments that important decisions are made. This is not a minor point. Steady and with thought. Methodical and patient. The force is not with me, but the spirit is. Word to your mother, brother. Sing like a gypsy. Wear beads and earth tones. Deny the heat, deny the ice age. Ask for proof, like Thomas. Open to influence and sway. Everybody is tired. Truer words have never been spoken.


Serena And Venus

.the primal instincts.undeniable and alive.to feed.to love.to protect.to provide.to guide.to hear.to speak.to sing honey.this transfer of life.this passing down.or up rather.either way, it is a heavy weight.a constant pulse.we could live together for a long time in partnership.in common pursuits.each knowing other worlds exist.better worlds, worse worlds.the interesting is all around.being observed and relentless.human nature rules this world.resisting creates pain.endure the season.cross courts, back courts, down the lines, and come from behinds.those europeans have taken over tennis.except for serena and venus.


Consult The Soul

A singular and microscopic focus. Insignificant to the vast majority, not even a minority to care. Distractions to a minimum, although never completely eliminated. All of our senses are feeding in. The mind and body consult the soul which is in constant need of restoration, retaliation, and refinement. But the singular focus remains. To make saints. Oswald hit it today. He does not pity the fools.