Unbelieving Trances

.call city hall.get some bulldozers out here dangit.someone should complain.tunes to carry the time, time to carry the tunes.hybrids is the way to go.we are all mixed up.messed up too.the boss let us down.blue Jean butt shot and born in the u.s.a.cool seeger sessions.don't blink.don't write too much.a fender bender would be very unwelcome right now.and always.but especially right now.this cobblestone is nasty.big chunks of ice the city didn't clear.taxes man.I pay taxes!the sun is bright and thirsty.video games will wreck a mind.can't give away that time.its only glow time.unbelieving trances.the killer kind.endurance and instruction.warren zevon said he would sleep when he was dead.and so it is.