The Texican Maneuver

.stay right here
.let it loose
.they can look right into our windows
.nosey and unrelenting
.they will come for money and blood
.they will dig in and fight

.talk with measured words
.claw our way to respectability
.smoking rooms and bribes
.we can start all over
.we can begin again
.as weird as it sounds

.the texican maneuver
.the law men have already decided
.bluffs are coming soon
.stay steady and calm
.the unbelieving are aghast
.what happens next is considered

.the american guy was easily distracted
.drank expensive drinks and sweated heavily
.talked down to people habitually
.an awful trait
.looking for a way out
.keep the peace at all costs

.unconscious before eleven
.talked about louisiana the next morning
.they were relieved.