Dunlop And A Three

"Throw me high. Bend the back and turn the torso. Hit me at the top, just as I start coming down. Give me about a three foot clearance over the net on ground strokes, those net shots sting. To make me spin properly, you must flick the wrist and finish the swing. I will nail lines, slide low, kick up, and drop dead. All the manipulation you can execute. Newly opened and just burst from the controlled air. Swooooshhh, when the top was popped from the can, my sister and brother carrying the same label and number as me. Dunlop and a three. We were ready to provide for a spirited game of tennis. The opponents, Keck, who took us off the shelf and bought us and Gorman, who is known for frustrated whacks into the fence and irrational blasts into the nearby creek when really frustrated. Especially if you've become a just a little dead. I don't want to end up in some bird nest or sink to the bottom of some damn creek. He's not too bad, and seems to have mellowed with age. He does have Keck's backup racquet and got it restrung with modern German spin strings. It is fun to be hit by and gets me spinning easily. It could lead to a better mahut result for Gorman. If he can control his tennis anger and reduce his backswing. I'm getting soaked.........". The play continues in the cold, heavy air. The surface slippery with a puddle or two. After getting up 5-0, Keck was challenged a bit more. In the end, he won 11-9. A good pcr adjusted result for the loser. We pick it up with one of the Dunlop and a three brothers.".......what a mahut that was. They stuck with it and didn't blame us too much. Of course were gonna get a little heavy and wet. Lost a couple of cousins to a couple of tree blasts. It was their time. They were really dead. Maybe a dog will find them, a tough life, but active. If you can stand the slobber. I wouldn't' mind being on the end of a walker. Seen that in olds folks homes. Probably where I belong after this mahut. Those guys are serious. Every point. however, when they left, the just looked at us with disgust. They even cursed at us, calling us shit and saying we suck. I'm glad they left us. Hopefully, we'll get put into a big basket with a bunch of others. City living. Out of the trunks and garages. He just bought us today. I see my sister next to me at the net. Not sure about my brother, but last I saw he was sitting in a corner puddle. It should dry soon. Those guys were intense.