Like That Stones Country Song

...the candle has flickered out.only smoke still rises.warm wax settled back.those mansions on the hills seem hopeless.full of emptiness and brawlers.bring back the hello times.make room for the fleeting.only the restless still cry.only the wishful have heartache.breaking every day.the loud and the lonely.got that something in the eyes.far away.like that stones country song.driving home early sunday morning through bakersfield.listening to gospel music on the colored radio station.sound waves redirected.baptized in the names.cleaner of souls through this dirty life.some can't take the grime.some see it for what it is.some lather up in the mud.these separate lives.each with a shot.to inspire.the saving has been done.no time for that.weeks of desire.months of rain.years of seasons.glow in the night.glow like the prophets.the lighter is near.