Day To Day Rocket

.bleary eyed and restless. .let me be honest. .this day to day rocket. .our wilting tolerance. .forever makers. .icehouse owners. .night of the soul. .when no one is awake. .words are corrupted. .the raging men. .the disgusted women. .get to your feet. .invite the devil too. .he's likely to no show. .we got skin in this place. .check the archives. .an automatic silencer. .summon the will. .request a happy tune. .flaunt your silk face. .walk with a sway.


Pecan Clusters

led down a hall to a room full of pecan clusters.
glazed with sugar and steaming.
the smell was incredible and stays with me always.

morning dreams and fireproof unions.
more good days than bad.
heartbreaks and last second shots.

move the body and expand the brain.
this life, full of cliffs.
jumping jacks flashing the grease.

makeup containers litter the room.
old ways of thinking.
when liberty was for the courageous.

only love matters in the end.
the love of it all.
pleasure and pain.

old and new.
of things not even new yet.
this ain't no American dream.

laws and regulations and socially acceptable behavior.
as long as the checks keep coming and the roads get smoother.
house all the people in the hills.
like the Incas.

name streets after robbers.
make maps of the city limits.
plunged into poverty and reliance.

as the Texicans built barbed wire fences.


Bella 119:59

Read from the Psalms.
Old Testament common ground.

Written in past tense after heavy thought.
Heavy thought man.

Gun range went out of business.
Houses strung together with plaster.

Just got back from a cruise and walked around barefoot.
Had our choice of those female pups.

Took one and called her Bella.
Cash under the table.

I've considered my path.
The steps we'll take.

Get your toenails done.
Pluck your brows.

Got a birthday party coming up.
Sleep well sweet Bella.


Chattered About

.central nervous system.completely shut off for an hour.time to think about how we think.or why we think.and why we think because we think we are superior to other brain equipped animals on this world.only the soul elevates us.the hope for always.this is why we think of death.animals think of death only when its upon them.the lifelong dread and awareness is not there.for humanity, our minds are active in self awareness only.a selfless person has not been known.for the last two thousand, or so, years anyway.prior to that, bands of cannibals roamed the land.violence is nothing new.brutality is old.persecution is real.protect and serve.echoes repeat on the other side of the valley.progress and civilization advancing.move aside you fighters.stand down you gangsters.look ahead and see where the path leads.romeos of all colors selling the plan.for themselves, remember.to coast at the end.be chattered about fondly.no wisdom left behind.just a past..


Ways To Consider

in a distorted panic, the stumble to the window.
visions of the promised resurrection to come.
glassy eyes from years of being a dreamer.
dreams as a way of life, creating inspiration.
walking shaky ground with careful thought.

seems like the world keeps going sideways.
the mind is damaged by what it endures.
the body, we know, will be wrecked.
only the soul can escape untouched.

resisting logic and ignoring common thought.
reaching untypical and alternate conclusions.
indignant, restrained, resigned to fate.

all the frauds are illuminated in the end.
spotlights will shine and fingers will point.

ways to consider and steps to take.  



Pleas Of The Soul

.rotting from the inside out.

.choking on the decline of dignity.

.checking him out from shoe to top.

.calculating up the competition.

.respect the pain envy can inspire.

.unsurprising but unexpected.

.compromising lines in the sand.

.ignoring the pleas of the soul.


Overtaking The Day

the morning bed, with it's comfort and warmth.
sleeping minds treasuring another minute or three.
vanity will wake them eventually, reluctant still.
we'll have brrrrrs and hollars and other noises.
overtaking the day, disregaridng time and living.
listening to the digital sounds, the fans and chirps.


chill of the wind still awaking the still sleeping bones.
holy promise if only ideas were actually created.
he was, and is, and will always be, the original creator.
his full image we can only hope to understand one day.
creator of moments and opportunities and inspiration.
and to think he created us in his image, creators all.




Spanish Roots

a room full of wine drinkers.
talking of the great grape harvest.
texas roots and imported spanish vines.
spanish roots can't make it in the texas soil.
some sort of hybrid was developed and nurtured.
care was taken to allow for several years of oversight.
the vines now robust and mighty in the large waves of rows.
the explanations were magnificent and i understood the reasons.
get it to the bottle and capture the liquids of the earth with a cork.
finest grapes in the world grow on mitas hill in north collin county.  



Sipping From The Dish

.part the sea again Lord.
 .free your people.
  .sing holy songs and blow trumpets.
   .those girls want a tree.
     .and a list.

.hide your sneeze in your sleeve please.
 .we can do without you for a day.
  .or two.
   .renegade wranglers.
    .tophat chasers.

.respectable reputations.
 .all dignified and trusted.
  .adversity absorbed.
   .sponge of madness.
    .shaken loose by use.

.proclaim your future.
 .set the scene.
  .watch her sip from the dish.
   .sipping like a cat.
    .and barking like a dog.