Pair Of Hawks

roof of my mouth was bone daddy dry
saw a pair of hawks and had to have some.
other night she broke down and cried
drank brew in the morning, at night it was rum.
plantations and swamps with reptiles
went fast through the air of the heavy night.
destruction and worry on every mile
wished it wasn't me on whom she relied.

you trapper, you hound, you cat
the young are in heat and prowling around.
could never dream of a moment like that
misting skies, clean whiffs, and silent sounds.

a word whispered in an awakening ear
a turn around the tables, chairs, and beds.
exhausted and beat by the volunteers
extended glance i can't get out of my head.
that smirking bastard sits in waiting
urges and temptations were the nails in His hands.
hummed a song from a poem i was creating
we've all been saved and we've all been damned.