Abandoned Your Birds

c                  f
living on words
set fire to your house
abandoned your birds
forgot to let your dog out

f                                                         c
and it's a damned good thing to write about
all the smoke, all the flames, all the char
and it's a shame we never seem to read about
g                           f                             c
the way these damned old people really are

living on words
set fire to your house
abandoned your birds
forgot to let your dog out

and it's a damned good thing to talk about
they all seemed to get wrecked at woodstock
then blew the banks and the earth to smitherens
the way these damned old people really are

living on words
set fire to your house
abandoned your birds
forgot to let your dog out


Seven Full Minutes

wish of dreams like that
the kind that make you write
the kind that make you sweat
the kind that make you hurt

wish of quakes like that
the kind that rumble
the kind that shake
the kind that lasts for seven full minutes

wish of sounds like that
the kind that breath with you
the kind that live in you
the kind that comes from you

wish of skin like that
the kind that is smooth
the kind that is wet
the kind with nerves

wish of love like that
the kind that gives
the kind that saves
the kind that last for seven full minutes

Halter Tops

perked up by halter tops and tight jeans
the ridiculous cost of it all
holy smokes those girls are beautiful
the long considered placement of curls.


his aim was unaffected by the heavy breathing

he lay on his stomach arms propping a gun

butt imbeded in his shoulder firmly

peering through the scope a monster arises

the moment of justice and responsibility

through training he learned the best methods

squeezing the trigger with constant pressure

the scope revealed the removal of another


Mosquito Vulgarities

well, the time i went over to the bar near the strand,
the one by the halo sign, i encountered a mosquito.
standing outside, looking for drink specials.
he was a huge mother! bigger than a dragonfly!
he sat on my arm a minute, seemed like, and buzzed.
a sound i've heard before, and would after. loud it was.
louder, i mean, than normal. with a healthy looking tail,
full of blood i suspected.
thought it was too hot for mosquitos, but it had rained.
i didn't trust this mosquito and knew he, or she, would strike.

the blood suckin' led me to decide it was female.
to my misfortune, i failed to act in my defense,
probably due to misguided empathy.
after a sharp pain, the vulgarity, and a late slap,
immediately a rising, iching, wound appeared.
knowing the days of discomfort to come,
another vulgarity was released,
and then a rush to the indoors, into the bar.
the bartender provided a cube of ice,
and a drop of tequila soothed before and after the shot.


High Tides

millions, billions, and trillions of waves
raging through the ocean.

each one very distinct
each one deadly and beautiful.

he took on the ones coming towards him
punching them wildly and triumphantly.

salt water in his mouth and nostrils flared
gasping for breath before the next one arrives.

high tides.


Dogs Barked In The Distance

she felt his wisdom was manufactured
a calculated response to her misunderstandings
little did she know, he was a wanderer
walking the hills above the city in a desperate search
for he knew everything was bullshit
that it would all change and never be the same
regardless of his wishes and dreams
of a frozen world, a frozen moment
happy couples were miserable
relaxation was fleeting and forced
prayers were offered by habit
and dogs barked in the distance


Brave, Brave Sinner

brave, brave sinner
gets the fixes despite the pains
stays out late in hopes of stranger love
washes her feet in the muddy rain

brave, brave sinner
holds my heart in her trembling hands
shimmering tension of ungiven love
the cravings we both understand

brave, brave sinner
sleeping in your eyes of blue
glossy lips and walks of dignity
cold shoulder and nothing i can do

brave, brave sinner
soft music and bright, breezy scenes
you and me and no clocks around
our love together goes unseen