The Trinity Summed Up

God is seperate, and no doubt superior. He is in the heavens, He is walking among us, and He is within us. The Trinity summed up. God in heaven is a cozy feeling, there is a place we will dwell. Among us is harder to grasp, but Jesus is the best known man to ever live on the earth. That Person of the Trinity rose from the dead. There seems a way to get to our dwelling place. Within us is the most misunderstood and unrealized aspect of our God. The true nature of God is to create, give, love. Do not make Him a God of yourself. For He is seperate. But know that He does live within you, guiding your daily actions and decisions. Some call it conscious, some call it my gut, some call it intuition, the women for sure. And remember, at His core, God is a creator. What you create can, and should, be God inspired. Even the dark creations.