West Texas Waylon Gonzo: Two

'Outlaw Bit' by jpg

...because the dogs own the middle days of the West Texas summer.  Finding shade and looking cool.  Our bodies shut down, our motivations become baked, our minds think wildly...
...Waylon sang about conflict.  Literal and figurative.  A combination of stubbornness, stupidity, and vocal uniqueness...with a good band and Fender Tele sound...
...never had a bad meal at New mavericks.  Been awhile since I rode.  Miles flashed by....towns went ignored...Waylon blared. ........The outlaw bit getting out of hand...Amanda lighting up life...T for Texas, t for Tennessee...he'd do one of Hanks now and then, but Hank never did them that way.  Evidently.

'Bag Of Ice' by Tone Capone

Can you please grab a bag of ice?

'Merely Necessary' by jpg

...the road is not mysterious, it is not liberation or freedom...the road is merely nesseccery...

'22 Pilots' by One Fine Gringo

I want to start a band called 22 pilots. We would be like 1 better than 21 Pilots. They could never show their faces again.

'Butte' by Marshall

Jacksonville > New Orleans, LA > Houston, TX > San Antonio, TX > El Paso, TX > Phoenix, AZ > Grand Canyon > Las Vegas, NV > Los Angeles, CA > Yosemite > Redding, CA > Portland, OR > Seattle, WA > Butte, MT > Yellow Stone > Cheyenne, WY > Kansas City, MO > Chattanooga, TN > Jacksonville

'Spanky-Twang' by Wiki

Jennings's music was characterized by his "powerful" singing voice, noted by his "rough-edged quality", as well as his phrasing and texture.  He was also recognized for his "spanky-twang" guitar style. To create his sound, he used a pronounced 'phaser' effect (see 'Modulation Effects': below) plus a mixture of thumb and fingers during the rhythmic parts, while using picks for the lead runs. He combined hammer-on and pull-off riffs, with eventual upper-fret double stops and modulation effects.