West Texas Waylon Gonzo: Four

'Lone Stars And Dome Cars' by jpg

...lone stars and dome cars.
...future was always so far.
...no longer, not anymore.
...nothing can be ignored.

'Digs Plato' by jpg


Take ten breaths and set your minds.
Shrug your shoulders and realize.
Drink a cold drink with a twist of lime.
Look at me honey, look me in the eyes.


Never know what to do, when there's nothing better to do.  Bound to make a bad mistake, bored to death of this same ole place.

Find a woman that thinks the same.
Make her happy, make her golden tan.
Someone that wants a lonely man.
Way she moves you know she understands.


Asks questions about love and soul.
Reads Aristotle, really digs Plato.
What's she's thinking is hard to know.
She's open to it, her mind ain't closed.

'Down To The Knuckles' by jpg

Venus was high in the sky.
Seen from the clear western view.
At night, dark as space.
Look up and know our reality.
Too much time travel.
The weary are loud again.
Restlessness is the mood.
Get on with the end.
Straighten the skeleton.
Pull the muscles tight.
Smooth and rhythmically.
Down to the knuckles.

'Fired'by Wiki

At age 16, after several disciplinary infractions, tenth-grader Jennings was convinced to drop out of high school by the superintendent. Jennings started to work as a DJ in 1956, and moved to Lubbock. His program ran for six hours, from 4:00 in the afternoon to 10:00 in the evening. Jennings played two hours of Country classics, two of current Country, and two of mixed recordings. During those final two hours, Jennings played artists such as Chuck Berry and Little Richard. The owner reprimanded him each time he aired the recordings, and when he then played two Richard records in a row, the owner fired him.