Instructions From A Boogieman Book

You can make a name for anything.
Call it green or verde.
Regardless of what is real.

*Talk is all.

The obvious can be overlooked.
And everything goes with it.
Stand in line.
We are what we say.
Proven examples of sincerity.
It has been declared.

*We are.

But only in our tricked minds.
Only to a point.
The ability to convince ourselves.
And celebrate our boldness.
That's life.
It's not personal.
But we should make it personal.

*The boogieman boogies like a fake.

Like instructions from a boogieman book.
Plastic and static.
Authentic as a robot.
Smiling and malfunctioning.
And blaming things on others.
Getting to the bottom.

*And slithering.