Artificial Turbulence Disease

So we get Fareed's take.
Oh, thankfully.
No reality, only judgment, only smugness.
Stroke the protest, it was the Don's fault.
The Polish have been done dirty again.
The effect, completely fatal to the world.
Sebastian Junger has the thoughts.
We are a tribe.

NaNeeNaNeeBooBoo ain't helpful.
Entire network strategies built upon it.
Central to party tactics.
The future is much more important.
We have been entertained enough.
Fame is not natural.
It causes isolation.
Which is not our natural way of being.

The reporters are afflicted with artificial turbulence disease.
Perhaps it's the deadlines, or the intellectual peer pressure.
True geniuses are conformists, evidently.
All you writers in the lands keep writing.
About the reality of love, suffering, and love again.
Document the scene, give it your take.
Fareed looks nervous.
The words get out.