Bootloop Blues


here I am again, no phone in my hand.
techie man said got an expired plan.
got an expired plan.

they already knew, was a known issue.
all over the news, the class action lawsuit.
wanna join the class action lawsuit.


bootloop comes in the middle of the night.
jamming your startup with loops and knives.
no way to glowface proper and right.
the bootloop blues got me ready to fight.

can mail my lg to another country.
fix the wiring, send it back, all for free.
this is all for free.

that is not the plan, have other demands.
what I demand is a new phone in my hand.
new phone in my hand.

finally went in, not ready to bend.
agent said 'man, you got a grandfathered plan.
got a grandfathered plan.

made the switch, didn't even have to bitch.
now they can pitch the bootloop in the ditch.
the bootloop's in the ditch.