The Light Lobby


.try the wastelands.

.they go on forever.
.frozen over time.
.melting away.

.mudslides coming quick.

.these snakes that cling.
.the swamp is dry.
.down the drain.

.the Russians are coming.

.they are already here.
.some are brothers.
.some are sisters.

.this is clouding the truth.

.think of what's to come.
.the transparency of business.
.applied to institutions.

.the Light lobby.

.there is a reason for the sun.
.cash gets the cash.
.our eyes will see.

.already the defense is beginning.

.deflect and deny.
.diminish and condescend.
.collect the dimes.

.the dirty double down.

.twice the price.
.summits need speakers.
.with good jokes.