All the senses have been explained.  
Only ways to experience anything. 
The sixth, rebalancing it all. 

Relationships also, feelings inspired by others.  
The many forms of love, the tolerance of hate.  

Prophetic observations, to pass the time.  
Wonderment of the future.  
Utopia and all its glory.  

The hope of many.  
The inconsequentials and quibblers, just playing around.  
Excitement and challenges, making notes.  

Reminders of declines and nostalgic jamborees.
Taking the high road, where the cliffs are steeper and the folks just keep going, never stopping to whine, only to help.  
Resting regularly and remembering dreams.  

Pocketbooks, tight and twisting.  
The blues, hanging around somewhere.  
Don't know where now, but they're around.  

Walking and wandering unknown places, eating and drinking with the locals.  
These parties and talkers, behind the scenes.  
Broken and scared, with panic attacks and shakes.

The Word is heard.
Some perception of someone or some wink from a stranger.  
Passing time, collecting the memories, moving along.