Forever I Said I Do


Years ago we had a wedding show.
And here is where we are.
Glad you stayed, never went away.
Never broke my loving heart.
Now we see it was meant to be.
We're almost to the line.
The one you cross when pride is lost.
And everything seems fine.

Little girls with little curls.
They're almost grown up now.
Watch em walk, hear em talk.
They got it figured out.
So they think but they're on the brink.
Of really living life.
All the flash and all the trash.
Learning on the fly.

As for us, we'll fight the rust.
And swim out to the deep.
Better together in any weather.
The storms will never sleep.
All that night I held you tight.
Told you I'd be true.
Here we are and I'm true so far.
Forever I said I do.