Executive Notes #5


*56 % didn't trust either candidate.  Rasmussen.

*Media down from 55 in 1999 to 32 in 2016.  Gallup.

*Congress.  41 in 86 to 9.  Gallup.

What to do?...avoid.bite your lip.

...got to bring the people back together.
 How?  Conversational Intelligence is the power to elevate our collective intelligence.***

NY Times columnist Wesley Morris....

The term has become the sad equivalent of the jolly drinking axiom: It’s always national-conversation time somewhere. Whenever the mood around an issue ought to change — guns, policing, marriage, the Oscars — somebody will say we need to talk about it. We should be sitting around and figuring this thing out. We need to have “real,” “substantive,” “difficult” exchanges — about our personal biases, about our bad policies — that reach far and go deep. “It’s time for a national conversation” about mental health, retirement savings, drones.

...national conversation.....to an intelligent national conversation.

Double click exercise.  An Intelligent National Conversation.

7 vital conversations***

1*Co-Creating.  Be inclusive.  Exclusive to inclusive.
2*Humanizing.  Be appreciative.  Judging to appreciating.
3*Aspiring.  Be aspirational.  Limiting to expanding.
4*Navigating.  Be trusted and collaborative.  Withholding to sharing.
5*Generating.   Be experimental.  Having all the answers to discovering the new.
6*Expressing.  Be influential.  Dictating to developing.
7*Synchronizing.  Be enterprise.  Compliance to celebration.

***from the book Conversational Intelligence, by Judith E. Glaser