Punk It Up Some More

punk it up some more.
make it short and quick.
these emotions must be recognized as fake.
they can be made into something and left.
for our own benefit mainly.
like forgiveness, in a way.
a worthy selfish act.
although, One did, once, forgive unselfishly.
completely unselfishly.
to withhold forgiveness is selfish too.
more selfish, waiting for the other to ask.
but, to ask another to ask for your forgiveness seems a waste.
like a forced apology.
it's all aftermath.
the pure in heart, the peaceful, are in the Word.
translations are emerging.
far and wide.
applications and wireless.
the truth is in us.
it came from somewhere and someplace else.
in from the outside.
where we'll go again.
these murderers are choking in death.
their passion comes from fear.
life will crush them.
their end will be the pit.
ruthless and with cause.
enemies of The Lord.