Beyond Our Sensibilities

     The final run.  Before the melting.  Without fear.  Despite the burn.  Hydrate and radiate.  Gravity engine.  Lean into the mountain.  Trust the edge.  Get warm and don't stop.  Quicker and smoother.  Quiet, long curves.  The groomed way.  Peak to peak.  Zach's Cabin views.  The stylish cat arrivers.  Private parking spots and waxings.  Hook ups.  The woods.  A plan devised and fulfilled.

     Dogs running loose in the flatlands.  Awakened rudely and abruptly.  Nasal noises and ice scrapers.  No drinks in here.  Only brew.  Where Aaron knows perseverence and what comes after.  Where Yuri sees visions of the future.  The dirtbag dunkel.  Then the bonfire dimmed for now.
     Cut the bullshit, God created evolution.  Beyond our sensibilities.  Like all good art.  Unanswerable riddles and a torn up song.  Independent thinking.  Roo walking on the corner of bull run.  The shy went away easy.  A silent night and the shut up blues.  Cold mountain air streaming through the windows.
     Popped that curve in Frisco.  Into the unknown.  The icy red cliffs.  Shelf driving at night.  The space warp and white lines.  Not feeling the road or speed.  Tracy Chapman jams getting us through.