The Three String

the leaf was lit up in the distance.
our parking missed the mark.
a clear room to start.
stood in the line of waves.
anchors everywhere.
the oomph girl, clara lou sheridan.
born in denton, tx in 1915.
hundred years ago.
developed in California.
pinned up globally.
the lonely g.i. daydreamers.
art covered ceilings.
memorable snapshots of musical moments.
the six string, the three string, and the one string.
Lincoln went off on his own.
the slide noise and booms.
growling into the hollow, copper cylinder.
stomping on the floor.
polishing the chops for reverend horton heat.
photographer malfunctions.
the blurry hand masterpiece.
apologies after the show.
the humbleness was almost shocking.
and a line formed to the left.