From Western Canada

only the players really know.
the set.
the parts are well defined.
maintain the bottom.
and the back beat.
the muse up front.
accordion queen.
from south texas somewhere.
16 ounce lone star cans.
bootleg recordings.
sight lines required maneuvering.
the performance must be watched.
listening is not enough.
head full of fred.
tiff ginn or ginn tiff.
cannot remember.
the show plays on.
from western canada.
down as far as alabama.
throughout the south.
love and war.
blonde streaked bass lady.
telecaster lead.
4 string banjo.
songs of revival and forwardness.
delivered indignantly.
and smoothly.
everyone staked a claim.
everyone swayed.
and the deal was sealed.


Shovel Leg

Came down with a case of shovel leg.
Anyone whose ever used a shovel for a significant job knows.
Flower beds, walking paths, post holes, ditches, water mains.

Occupation of a younger man.
Don't see many old diggers.

Like pulling a muscle while sneezing.
Or in the tossing and turning night.
We are failing creatures.
After the age of about 33.
That's the prime.

Son of Man never hit forty.
Son of God is ageless and timeless, of course.
Eternal and protected from decay or decline.

Ideas are endless.
They have always come one way or another.
Impulses must be channeled deliberately.
Without corruption.
Beyond inspiration.

Shoveling can lead to steady work.
For awhile anyway.
Shovel leg could turn into shovel back.
Wrecking your tennis game for good.


Warhols And Alphabets

walk through here again/  make the night stars glow/  leave a little for the rest/

a blessing before you leave/  obsessed with maniacal tasks/  over and over and over/

healthy in a certain kind of way/  early cold winds awake the morning/  call out and search for something/

inner demeanor a slanted track/  balance and equality impossible/  like societies and cultures/

never knowing what to be/  like mine with some pesto/  a light coating of taste/

don't throw it away by overuse/  moderation is a worthy pursuit/  dealer girls surveying the racks/

watters creek boutique afternoon/  warhols and alphabets/  bedazzled skulls are in evidently/

luxurious waiting room chairs/  the oil and vinegar store/  looping for a parking spot/

speaking her mind and heart/  the soul had been fed/  they are all women now/  


Sweet Charmed Life

.same story.
.self pity is useless.

.patience is easy.
.freeze the frame.

.kindness too.

.gentleness is a reflection.
.give what is given.

.no expectations.
.to pass through here again.

.sweet charmed life.
.health and blessings.

.scattered everywhere.
.shattered and worn in.

.separate joy.
.not dependent on others.

.love of hope.
.knowing the end is the beginning.


Guthrie, Texas

.saturday morning rewind.water is up.cool forty degrees.heater fans rumble quietly.noises of age.automatic routines.scattered around are bottles.koozies.remotes.used plates.lighters.jars.keys.music.provisions.

.the guns are put up.the hog killing is planned.saturday about dusk.the land near jayton.tumbleweed blind.they will pass by.snorting and squeling.digging dirt for roots.dirty animals.50 yards.be an easy shot.through the lungs is best.eventually they will fall.we'll take the backstrap and hammies.cannot wait.

.the earlier car drive was a song.the dan of steel.meddle.ezmarelda spaulding.she knows what men want.neil covers.woody guthrie songs by wilco and bragg.stopped into the 6666 ranch supply store.was running on fumes.next station was 30 miles.no one was around.the town of Guthrie, Texas was spotless.I was grateful for the gasoline.I went in and looked around.rows of neatly stacked goods.clothes even.boots and jeans.noticed large amounts if clamato juice and beans.mexican ranch hands live here.red beer is a staple.the loop built around the town years earlier added to its isolation.the ranch was a local operation.like a kingdom.the fact that the name of the place is 6666 ranch and the pitchfork ranch is down the road does cause a moment of consideration.but that is silly nonsense.it is absolutely God's creation.it is so peaceful.and everything we could ever need is there.except sunglasses.the lady at the store informed me.no people visible.but two dark glass suburbans prowled like an unofficial partrol.glad to be on my way as I passed by the tidy airstrip.where the New York queen flies in.

.miles away from the construction.civic improvement all around.orange barrels and arrow signs.the heart of denton is gutted.escaped through the hills of jack county.the beginning of the west.


Held For Ransom

Hope and glory.
It's all we got.
Read the story.
Find the plot.

Held for ransom.
Almost got shot.
Wasn't lonesome.
Never forgot.

Hope was at the beginning.
Hope be around in the end.
Hope will never ever follow.
Hope gonna be right here.

If ya want more faith.
Read the word.
Then the spirit.
Gonna do the work.

No reason to worry.
Or lie awake at night.
Don't be in a hurry.
Might miss some life.

Hope was at the beginning.
Hope be around in the end.
Hope will never ever follow.
Hope gonna be right here.



The Happiest Kind

.happy gas of the happiest kind.
.thoughts like a wave ride.
.connecting eyes.
.only in the city.
.on the streets.
.walkers of all angles.
.destinations to come.
.frames of life.
.a beauty.
.absolutely stop-the-camera memory.
.like perfection.
.we know the truth.
.done with and hypnotized.
.in a love trance.
.looking at each other.
.the clouds come and go.
.dry spells and gushers.
.we age in our sleep.
.wrinkles of the happiest kind.


Light The Dark

.we wait, we wait, for the King to return.
.and we smash the dark, and we smash the dark.

.too many have been lost.

.and we kick the dark, and we kick the dark.

.not in the name of my God.

.and we slice the dark, and we slice the dark.

.rise up, rise up, with the sword of truth.

.and we light the dark, and we light the dark.


.we know, we know, the music will flow.

.and we feel the dark, and we feel the dark.

.had more good times than I probably should.

.and we love the dark, and we love the dark.

.wouldn't want be nowhere but right here.

.and we face the dark, and we face the dark.

.wanna make sure I make my point clear.

.we gonna light the dark, we gonna light the dark.




Drip Those Pipes

.parked outside in the frozen night.drip those pipes.call in the dogs.keep the stove going.survival is at stake!


Stairs Into The Clouds

.stairs into the clouds.
.avoiding ice and into the great unknown.
.not known or understood.
.rely on given faith.

.stairs into the clouds.
.layers and layers of wild turbulence.
.whirlwinds and funnels.
.it is very real.

each step its own and required.
every breath must be taken.
all the years lived.
or minutes or even seconds,
and the before birth life.
eternal works both ways.
beginning and end are the same.
one cancels the other out.

.stairs into the clouds.
.all kinds of constructed configurations.
.around and around.
.majestic and makeshift.

.stairs into the clouds.
.quickly through and into space.
.magnetic pulls and pushes.
.degrees and explosions.