The Jolly Melancholy

not once did I consider shopping.
out in the public with reorders and sequels.
dashing all over the towns.
dodging new drivers.
even the experienced are too distracted now.
connections require maintenance.
even the virtual kind.
and maintenance requires thought.
and brains can only think of one thing at a time.
exponential connections.
exponential thoughts.
real relations are built primarily on tangible activities.
breathing and beating through time together.
perhaps for different reasons.
out of obligation and pity or attraction and love.
our minds are unclear and unclean.
corrupted and selfish.
memories are long and unreliable.
learning can only be done now.
all the people that have lived and died.
for reasons and for nothing at all.
some never made it to the crib even.
some just carry on.
the jolly melancholy.
the uppers and downers.
the quiet and the loud.
the bored and the excited.
experiencing time together.