From Anahauc To Copano Bay

an 1836 revolutionary map.
with its lines and grants.
Austin carved out a heart.
towns that don't even exist anymore.
all the way down to Port Isabel.
border towns up the Rio Grande to Laredo.
the vast Comanche lands.
east to Santa Fe and up to Pueblo.
protected by long bands of islands.
immense herds of buffalo.
the disputed arkansas claim.
those crooks.
and on through Kickapoo crossing.
48 battles to independence..
from Anahuac to Copano Bay.
Patrick Churchill Jack and the tarred and feathered.
Capt. Antonio Tenorio had enough.
took them in and roughed them up.
til Travis sprung em loose.
the little known Texas navy.
grass fight and coleto creek.
deaf smith and henry wax karnes of the spy squad.
then the siege at the Alamo.
the massacre at Goliad.
where the bloodthirsty drank blood.
then Sam took control.
the runaway scrape.
and some quick training.
finally, the Battle of San Jacinto.
arrogance always loses in the end.
too much mercy and negotiation.
that squirrelly Santa Anna.
who Juan Seguin detested.
who burned Harrisburg to the ground.
cut the scoundrel loose to fight another day.
the Treaties of Velasco.
and the broken promises to come.