A Strenuous Peace

peace is a mindset.   its advocates quibble over tactics and labels.  anyone of any character or noble intention or the ability to overcome their own self interest, even for a moment, should agree. a peaceful existence is better than a conflicted one.  most people, more than most, would rather live in peace.  they could all call themselves pascifists and it would be true.  we are working towards it always, avoiding the irrelevant, chilling out, selecting our influence carefully and thoughtfully.  these are habitual instincts and should be reinforced and reminded often.  it is a strenuous peace.  one that is fought for, one that is sacrificed for, one that is not easy.  a deal will make no difference.  it is heart, it is mind, and it is most definitely soul.  it must be made clear by word and by deed.  the soulless can stand back, the soulless can suffocate on their own hate, the soulless will see their own end. peace is not possible with the soulless and evil.  no controlling the peacemakers, nothing holding us back.

Romans 12:18. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.