Ingredients Of Life

the fear of what when why how and where.
this thing at the end.
absent of time and eras and history even.
visions are known.

rational as any other story.
the particulars occupy our minds.
our little incredible minds.
made from something for a reason.

made from nothing at all.
voids aren't voids for long.
they will be filled.
the more interesting the better.

this far away place includes here.
right here.
which cannot be denied.
our common reality of now.

not the place we understand.
theories will be concocted.
and believed.
the seemingly smart are good convincers.

living in this bubble.
with the source having the ingredients of life.
as an experiment.
to see what happens.
millions upon gazillions of other bubbles exist.
forever expanding space and everlasting life is ignored.
and we are left as dust.

no mention of soul.
which is inexplicable.
what of love?
perhaps, we really are the aliens.