The Thrills Are Too Short

..all kindsa things found on the shelves..
..twenty dollars and a transfixed mind..
..bland comments and quotes of others..
..all over this land crazy folks are breaking out..
..helping others with accusations and calls..
..the heat was baking the grounds and lawns..
..dull blades and late afternoon petrol emergencies..
..depleted and worn from pouring sweat and blood..
..the cake place with offers of decorations..
..glorified Hollywood bakers with a good thing going..
..west nile festering in the lower wet lands..
..chemicals in the air and spraying mists of poison..
..the dizzies and the woozy equilibriums of haze..
..perfect landing from the old jumping bridge..
..harp player thinking the thrills are too short..
..muscle stretching throughout the evening..
..fear the achillies tendon and don't break the back..