Crow Springs

.all at a moderate pace.
.thirsty boat people with squinting eyes.
.families all around, camped for days.
.the island is back.

.dodge the tops of cottonwood trees.
.the cliff houses are grand and full of activity.
.docks are floating everywhere.
.the water always arrives, eventually.

.dust will turn to mud.
.an oasis known as crow springs.
.humans have gathered there for millennia.
.keep out of the dugout.
.it is merely a replica of the original.
.two hundred yards south from here.
.only ruins now.

.glide across the glassy water.
.on a quiet friday afternoon.

.wouldn't be doing this at home.

.bodies are older and tireder.
.spirits are strong.
.politicians are not trusted.

.even preparations won't matter.
.returning to before is impossible.

.forward is the only way.