Nantucket Time

...all along these Nantucket songs have gone together as one.  the spacefolk sounds are characterized by structured and repetitive progressions, framing the space for lyrical and instrumental liberty.  this is not chaos and confusion music, but chaotic and confusing words and noise are captured and celebrated.  eternal realities, eroding privacy, the ever fading past, pretty eyes, success culture, travels, truths, half-truths, untruths, and being stranded alive.  Noises are effected and affected, unexpected and detected.  Nantucket is isolated.  Nantucket time is constant, repetitive, and clocks are rare.  Nantucket men see clear.  The end is known, the rest is trusted.

...a collection of 20 songs, recorded in 2 stages.  first, to get an acceptable recording of each song with the main duo.  then, post production sessions to enhance and diversify sounds further, primarily focused on additional guitar tracks, percussions, keys, limited base, electronic magic, and additional vocals...

Men From Nantucket Greatest Hits