Big Snow


.snowdrifts on the fences.
.whirling, whipping, and blowing.
.winds coming from the north.
.morning moonlight was glowing.

.effects of global warming.
.sleeting, icing, and freezing.
.complicated to explain, you see.
.seeing's not always believing.

blizzards. someone's always talking bout blizzards. someone's always talking bout snow. how it sticks to the roads. how it makes us cold. how we told you so. although its ten below. although the pipes all froze.

love the big snow, oh yeaaa, love the big snow.

.clear the highways and streets.
.bulldoze it over to the side.
.been snowing for days and days.
.boston's all buried in white.

.packing up for the western drive.
.slide down the mountain slopes.
.enjoy it all while it lasts.
.winter bout to come to a close.