Warhols And Alphabets

walk through here again/  make the night stars glow/  leave a little for the rest/

a blessing before you leave/  obsessed with maniacal tasks/  over and over and over/

healthy in a certain kind of way/  early cold winds awake the morning/  call out and search for something/

inner demeanor a slanted track/  balance and equality impossible/  like societies and cultures/

never knowing what to be/  like mine with some pesto/  a light coating of taste/

don't throw it away by overuse/  moderation is a worthy pursuit/  dealer girls surveying the racks/

watters creek boutique afternoon/  warhols and alphabets/  bedazzled skulls are in evidently/

luxurious waiting room chairs/  the oil and vinegar store/  looping for a parking spot/

speaking her mind and heart/  the soul had been fed/  they are all women now/