Shovel Leg

Came down with a case of shovel leg.
Anyone whose ever used a shovel for a significant job knows.
Flower beds, walking paths, post holes, ditches, water mains.

Occupation of a younger man.
Don't see many old diggers.

Like pulling a muscle while sneezing.
Or in the tossing and turning night.
We are failing creatures.
After the age of about 33.
That's the prime.

Son of Man never hit forty.
Son of God is ageless and timeless, of course.
Eternal and protected from decay or decline.

Ideas are endless.
They have always come one way or another.
Impulses must be channeled deliberately.
Without corruption.
Beyond inspiration.

Shoveling can lead to steady work.
For awhile anyway.
Shovel leg could turn into shovel back.
Wrecking your tennis game for good.